100Km Winds Rock My World.

Owen Thomas Survives Major Weather Event.

Severe Weather Event Predicted for Wednesday, June 9 – Most commonly called a “Shit Storm” or at least words to that effect. And if the aftermath is anything to go by, it is maybe a three worded storm.

Two hundred fifty thousand homes lost power which is means close to a million people without power. Now eight days later, most have electricity except the 25,000 that include me. So there are no new postings for this week. I have managed to piggyback off someone generator to get a message out.  Don’t worry, compared to many others; I’m doing fine.

But as Robert Greene and Jerry Seinfeld say “it’s all material”. So I have been making notes the old fashion way – pen and paper. The other articles I had planned for the next couple of posts will have to wait. 

With any crisis, there is cause for reflection and a way of reviewing the other situation that affects us all  –  the COVID-19 problem.  At year-end 2020, I wrote the 46 Things I learnt in 2020. Given it is now well and truly into 2021, I thought it is worth another look. So for those on the list who got it last year, have reread and for the new subscribers’ something to think about.

How far have we come? Are we still making the same mistakes?

When COVID-19 first hit officially around March last year for most of the world, I commented that I felt our response to it, in the end, would be a bigger problem. Have I been correct in that assessment, or will history prove me wrong?

For those canny observers, you will note that I now have Forty-Eight Things I Learnt in 2020. One of you felt that there should have been more than the original 46 things. So you will be happy to know that there are now two more I’ve added to the list. I’m sure you could add to it yourself. However, given that 48 Laws of Power is one of the New York Times bestsellers and put its author Robert Greene on the map, I feel I might just stay with Forty-Eight.

Who knows what December 31, 2021, will bring?

So here you are below. Click the link, and it will take you there.

Till Next Time …. 


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