- Producing services-

“You create shows which happen to be corporate events, other people create corporte events which they try to make into a show!”
– Steve Smith

It was not long ago when Steve made that comment. It was at the time just a bit of a throw-away line. But, it occurred I was attempting to take a function I had been asked to produce to the next level. I wanted people to leave deeply inspired and impacted in a way that would lead to more extraordinary things.

I do more than produce corporate events; however, that comment more than anything else describes my creativity in this arena.

I have been producing and creating shows since I was sixteen. I have thousands of hours under my belt.

I don’t produce very often for other people anymore. I prefer to work on my projects. I have also acted as a consultant from time to time. However, if this is the sort of service you would like to know more about, contact me.