“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” Joseph Brodsky

I love books because they opened the windows of the world to me…They changed my life!

I have been fortunate to have parents that love reading. They passed that love on to me. Almost every night of my childhood was filled with my mother reading me books. Then she was reading to me and my sister, and then my sister, my brother and me. This continued well into the times when I could read for myself. She would read to us and then send us off to bed, where we would read to ourselves yet more stories.

My father reads every morning after breakfast. Now, when we visit he often interjects into the conversation some quote or story that he can’t help himself re-tell the instance he has finished the sentence on the page.  My brother searches out books all over the world for him. When he hands it over he is fond of saying “I think this one has some good stories to retell Dad”.

In my second year of High School based on an English assignment to read 25 books that year, my friend Hilton and I made it a competition. I managed 80 plus whereas Hilton shot way past to over the 100 mark.

When I became ill it was to books I looked for solace, deeper understanding and wisdom. A new way of looking at the world and life. My health practitioners were great, reading allowed them to bring their best work to the table.

So what about you?

Here you will find many of the books I love and links to the ones you will find life-changing, enjoyable and rich in ideas.

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