Every Week - Ideas That Could Change Your Life

Owen Thomas Cheeky Writer

Every Week – Ideas That Could Change Your Life … At 37 I looked into the mirror and said I will do whatever it takes.

I will, if necessary, walk away from everyone and everything. If it takes me to lose my life in the process, I will lose my life. I was prepared to put everything on the line. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. (Although there was one point where I thought it could be up for grabs.)

I had some things going for me. My parents had given me a love for reading. I knew that they would probably never understand the journey I was taking, but I was always assured of their love. So that’s a good foundation. And I had been involved in an industry where giving up was never an option.

I was ill because of my life, so I took it apart bit by bit and rebuilt it, starting from my spirit up. I was told that my physical strength would be the last thing to return. So I would have to go forward in life with hope, trusting that my physical health would return.  I would have to spend time rebuilding every aspect of my life, brick by brick, following the incessant whispering of my hearts calling.

It has taken many years…a journey that continues.

So every week, what I learnt from those years I share here. Hopefully, it supports and encourages you on whatever path you find yourself.

You never know – One word, one piece of advice, one book could be all the difference to how your life works out.

But remember – no one has figured it all out!

Be a student, not a  follower.