“Don’t Eat Your Seed Wheat”

In times of crisis and upheaval, it is always good to look at what you can control compared to what you cannot. It pays to look at the fundamentals again to set the foundations of your life as secure as possible. As the great political strategist and opportunist of the 1500s, Niccolò Machiavelli is quoted as writing, "Never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis." One of the critical foundations is looking after the money we earn and use it for its maximum results. These principles are easy to implement and easy to forget, so a good reminder, is always worthwhile. Like a drifting boat, it is incredible how far you can travel when you're not paying attention. So here we go.

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Quiet, Simple Acts of Courage

There are quite simple acts of courage occurring every day. In many ways, we are surrounded by them, often without our knowledge and often in ourselves. They are not the acts that receive the media attention or any attention at all in many cases. Yet they dip into the same human well all great hero’s bathe. What acts of courage have you missed, perhaps in your own life? What acts of courage are you called to perform today?

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“Seven Resolution Foundations”

Either by choice or our cultural environment, this time of year, we look back at the last year and look forward to the next. We start to think about how we would like next year to be different, better, and our lives to be improved. We will make a list either on paper or at least mentally in our heads, of the things we want to look back on in twelve months and be pleased. However, we will also be aware that by the third week of January, for many, those resolutions will already be assigned to the dust bin of history. If those resolutions are built on sound foundations, not only do you increase the chance of success, but you will have foundations that will  last a lifetime.

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Quotes That Changed Life Part Two

On January the 1st, 2017, I sat down to read the first page of The Daily Stoic. A book that features 366 meditations on wisdom, perseverance, and the art of living. The first day held a quote that summarised everything I’d learnt in the previous twenty-five years. So simple, powerful yet can change a life, The ideas written nearly 2000 years ago contained inside are helpful at any time, but now more than ever - Enjoy.

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Quotes That Changed My Life

Many quotes from famous thinkers have been splashed on the internet and social media in the current cultural landscape of vaccinations and pandemics and ensuring economic upheaval. They have been used as verbal grenades to lob at the other side in arguments that have been polarised into straightforward black and white world views. Yet my history shows - it is all too easy to neglect the substance of the quote and its equal vitality to our viewpoint.  What is the quote that changed my life and could you use it too?

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